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Upgrade of a 1950s prefabricated concrete building

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26 Weeks

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Project Description

This project represented a fantastic opportunity and challenge for DPS Architecture, requiring the renovation of an existing 1950s pre-fabricated concrete panel building, and upgrading of the external envelope to a fully insulated cavity wall construction to meet the current `Part L` requirements.

As an additional challenge, all renovations were to be completed without removal of the roof or demolition of the existing internal floor or primary structure of the building.

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The key reason for undertaking the project was to ensure the disabled residents of the building were able to effectively heat the property during the cold winters. The upgrading of the external envelope ensured the occupants were able to reduce their heating and energy costs while creating a more appealing and robust external appearance to the building.

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The final renovation significantly increased the property’s value, changing its construction class from a `non standard construction` to a recognised `standard construction`, allowing the owners to place a mortgage on the property and increase its market value.

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